“What is deferred is not avoided.” Thomas More Let’s call it “research” that this post took me two weeks to sit down and write. And while we’re at it, let’s look up the etymology of the word “deferred…” I don’t usually avoid writing tasks, but for this one, I wanted to get in that … Continue reading

“…thank you for helping me with my personal statement back in January. Your insight…allowed me to showcase the best of what I had to offer—and it worked! I got into my first-choice program…” Continue reading

“Gillian provided insightful editing and copywriting…she condensed, expanded, and rewrote sections, offering fresh ideas and approaches tailored for our readers. She took our good ideas and made them better!” Continue reading

“Gillian offered thoughtful feedback on my manuscript for SUNY Press. She has a fine ear for language and a keen eye for points to clarify and develop. The book was improved by her questions and suggestions…” Continue reading

“Gillian understands how to connect with audiences and how to craft great copy. She got jobs done on time and on budget and brought smart, creative editorial to our work on newsletters, video scripts, and intranet articles.”   Continue reading