How I Can Help You

I’m an independent writer and editor who delivers creative communications for businesses and nonprofits.

My experience as an editorial consultant for a wide range of projects has honed my editor’s eyes and ears and connection-making mind. I think fast and flexibly, and can assist you in refining any kind of writing project into a powerful finished piece. I provide developmental, substantive, and writing and editing services for book manuscripts and articles.

In my editor’s role, I’m also a talented writing coach who helps people move all kinds of writing projects steadily to completion.

My skill and dedication in making people’s ideas and messages better has won me the loyalty of several long-term clients, ranging from a prolific professor of literature to communications directors for business and nonprofit organizations.

How can I help you?

What People Say About My Work

“To put it simply: writers love working with Gillian. She asks excellent questions—thoughtful and insightful— helping writers clarify, strengthen, and develop their ideas to their fullest potential. And she is as good with sentence level editing as she is with idea development. She’s also been a valuable coach for my own writing on projects large and small.” — Steve Pijut, Associate Director, Writing Center, Washington University, St. Louis

Poets Know It

Coleridge defined poetry as “the best words in the best order.” W.S. Merwin remarks on the genre’s necessary precision: “Poetry is like making a joke. If you get one word wrong at the end, you’ve lost the whole thing.” I’d add to these remarks that poetry is amplified thought–and that good thinking is about seeing and making smart, subtle connections.

This is how I approach teaching poetry and writing to engineering and science and business majors—and watch their lightbulbs switch on and creativity shine.

As a writer and teacher of poetry and essays, I’m an expert connective thinker and a word nerd. My clients have commented on my X-ray vision: I have a talent for seeing through the half-formed clutter—of their outlines, first drafts, (or even our first brainstorming conversation, often by Skype)—to find the essential points that they need to articulate.

And I’m skilled in helping people do this by ordering their scattered thoughts, refining their good ideas, and building the deeper logical/connective structures necessary for powerful writing.

If I’m writing for you: I deliver your messages through smart, engaging copy.

If I’m editing your work: I collaborate with my clients throughout this process, asking generative questions that allow them to develop and refine their ideas and messages in ways they could not have done on their own.

Pennies for My Thoughts

I work within the mid-range of the Editorial Freelancers Association’s recommendations, listed here.

Each project is unique, and I adjust my rates accordingly, so instead of a fee chart, I offer price quotes tailored to your projects.

I don’t separate out copyediting, substantive and developmental editing as many editors do. This frees me to be unstintingly engaged in improving your work.

How to Contact Me

Feel free to send me a note below. I look forward to hearing about what you are working on!