Career Communications


Your career communications are vital in this fierce economy.

 You need to lead the conversation by articulating your skills and experiences in ways that connect powerfully with potential employers.

Cover letters, including first emails, are where you kick off the conversation, set the tone, and begin to connect the dots.

These first glimpses of you cannot be bland and forgettable; you need to stand out.

I can help you write compelling emails and cover letters to get your foot in the door. And then we can take that one step further to performing confidently and memorably in the interviews that will land you the job. Confidence comes from knowing your competence, and this happens through conversation and articulation of your skills and experience.

What clients have said about my work:

“Gillian’s practice interviews are particularly insightful and include an invaluable follow-up after the actual interview.  My industry and skills are esoteric; however, Gillian was still able to throw pointed, relevant questions at me and shed light on some of the nuances my responses should include.  She is especially good at ‘obstacle/challenge’ questions.” Pharmaceutical Quality Analyst, name withheld


In May 2014, I presented on Career Communications Washington University’s “Return to Work” seminar: